See and test the new Sirius 40 DS in Ellös and Oslo (17.08.2015)

[:en]Dear Sirius-friends,

I hope you are enjoying your summer season and have been able to make the most out of it so far. After nearly one week of meeting with Swedish friends and customers, and finding some time to relax form a thrilling but fast moving delivery season I am so full of wonder for the fantastic landscape and nature of the Swedish archipelagos north of Göteborg.
This is without question one of greatest spots of the Baltic to sail in. Also I am feeling so honoured to be able to experience this all on board of one of our new build Sirius 40 DS with the suiting name “Amazing Grace”.
Since 5 days I haven`t been back into any harbour (except off for picking up guests) and are enjoying marvellous anchor places with stunning views changing endlessly all over the day. Not that I need help in understanding this, but especially after these days I carry a knowing smile while reading one of Sam Jefferson´s comments in the recent test report over the 40 in Sailing Today: “By this point you start to swear that a cruising yacht without a deck saloon is rather like a pencil without any lead – pointless.”
Please find the full test report as an PDF version attached to this mail. I am sure you enjoy it. Even if our factory have never been in eastern Germany 😉 it is written in an humours style and describes the experience of the new 40 nevertheless in full detail.
They had made this test in early spring in Spain on board of another very individually build Sirius 40 DS (including an 8kw state-of-the-art generator to power 4 airconditions and a dehumidifier) and his verdict was: “If I was planning to sail around the world and live aboard, this is the yacht I would go for.” We got 4/5 stars for performance, 5/5 stars in comfort and 5/5 stars for bluewater!
A few weeks ago they had let us know that the Sirius 40 DS has been nominated in the “Best Bluewater Cruiser of the year” category. You for yourself are probably already convinced that our deck saloon concept would get your vote but this is a very good possibility to make others aware of the change in cruising comfort they could get from our unique concept.
Therefore I would be very pleased if you would like to give us and others your vote at
Voting will remain open until midnight, Sunday 23rd August 2015 and they hinted that it’s a close run thing in each of the categories.
(As I understand you don´t not need to vote in all categories as you will find some of them only of local concern)
But why not experience for yourself what it is all about?
Even though you’re always welcome at our shipyard (which is only 25 km from Göteborg and Oslo, via ferry 😉 and our jetty in Neustadt for an individual sightseeing tour and test sails, I’d be delighted to wellcome you here on the next weekend during the „Open Yard“ at Ellös, north of Gothenborg held from the 21st -23rd of August and 2 weeks later at the „Båter i sjøen“ in Oslo from 03rd – 06th of September.

We would be very happy to welcome you on board of our Scandinavic Premiere the new Sirius 40 DS “Amazing Grace”.
For those who are interested mainly in seeing a Sirius 35 DS we might also be able to provide you with a good look around into one of the nearby based owners boats.
See the biggest version of our modern Sirius deck saloon line and discover the stunning size and possibilities the boat has to offer.
Walk down the jetties and have a direct comparison with your other favorite yachts.
Let yourself be surprised by our new flag ship the Sirius 40 DS and see yourself why she was one of the most visited stars on the recend premiers in Southampton and Düsseldorf.
We’re looking very much forward to see you on board!
For those of you who can`t make yourself free for the show or have further interest we will offer the possibility for test sails – in particular on our new Sirius 40 DS – from now on here in Sweden and on all of our way up to Norway between the two shows.
Just give me a call under 0049 173 65 38 721 or send me an e-mail to get in contact with us.
To avoid disappointment please be aware that there is only one last slot left for delivery dates for the season 2016!
If you or your family haven´t seen her so far you might also find helpful our 360° panorama on our web site:

and my little english video:

We’re looking very much forward to learn more about your wishes and requirements.
We would be glad to answer any of your questions via mail and telephone in advance so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Many of you will have already received the latest information material but there is a new English version of our 20-page colored brochure for the 40 which you can find in a PDF version attached.
If you like we can send you the hard copy versions also for our other models and lots of test reports by postal service as well – just let us know and we shall send you the details.
If of interest we also can provide you with a CD -ROM with over 700 digital pictures of each of our yachts – inclusive pictures of the yacht under sail, a range of individual interior concepts, designs and plenty of individual details.
At last we like to point out a never seen possibility to charter a new Sirius 35 DS from next season on in the Baltic. If you like to have more information please have a look to
Interested in our new and comming up preowned yachts? Please find a few teasing pictures of them here and more information to each of them on special request via mail and allready of some and soon from all others on our website under the button: Boatsmarket
I am looking very much forward to exchanging views, to learn more of your experience and any ideas you wish to see realized on your next yacht.
You can reach me directly – outside my office, on board and during the boat shows – on my cell phone.

With all the best wishes from a lovely anchorage in Stigfjorden

yours, Torsten Schmidt