Service and refits

If you buy a Sirius, you will be dealing directly with Torsten Schmidt, son of the founder and owner of Sirius-Werft. Torsten has spent countless hours thinking, designing and sailing every yacht in the Sirius range. If ever there is a problem he’s on hand via telephone, Email or Whatsapp to oversee any issue. We take pride in the high-quality of our yachts and have an enviable reputation for quality and service. Our boats often leave our commissioning facility to sail to distant parts of the globe and we’re here to support our owners in any way we can.

Not only do we specialise in the construction of new yachts we are there for them at every stage of their life, not just the first year – we like the stories old yachts tell us when they come to be refurbished or modified for current or new owners.

Our service team will come to you!

Sirius Yachts service van

We operate two fully equipped workshop vehicles to come and assist you. Our professional service team consists of boat builders trained by us and have successfully completed their training in different departments; it will be our professional team who will provide our high-quality service to you.

Call the service team on 0049 171 – 773 54 10 or 0049 4522 – 744 61 15

High quality refits

High quality refits

As a traditional boat-building business with 50 years of experience, we also excel in high-quality refits. Whether you are the owner of a Sirius yacht or you sail a different brand, all are welcome in our ‘health farm for yachts’.

As we undertake GPR-work and woodwork at our yard in Plön, we can offer our experience of building new boats and refitting older yachts and use that to ensure your boat gets the best refit possible.

Call the refit team on 0049 4522 – 744 615 in order to discuss the possibilities and details.