Sirius Yachts at a boat show

Why we don’t use or need dealers or agents

Over the last 50 years, we have sold our yachts to people in more than 28 different countries and one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘Why don’t you have local agents or dealers?’. We understand that not having dealers and only exhibiting at a selected number of international boat shows each year makes it more difficult for you to see our yachts. But hopefully, after reading this you’ll understand our reasons, and why, in the long term, you’ll benefit the most.

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Sirius 40DS

Which headsail rig is best for cruising?

The headsail is usually the most important item in a yacht’s sail wardrobe. Not only does it typically provide the lion’s share of the power, it’s generally the first sail that the moving air comes in contact with. It has a cleaner airflow than the mainsail (no mast to cause turbulence at the leading edge) which enables the sailboat to point a bit higher, and it increases the speed of the air passing over the main. The ease of tacking and reefing are key considerations when choosing and sizing a headsail, and so is durability, especially on a cruising yacht where it’s usually left exposed for the whole sailing season. Headsails don’t have an easy life!

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