Explore new cruising grounds in comfort

Our range of sailing boats from 31ft to 40ft (9.3m to 12.9m) all blend comfort and quality with performance and safety. All of our yachts give you the interior space you’d expect on a larger yacht. The unique deck-saloon design offers you an unmatched panoramic view from the saloon, galley and interior helm/navigation position. All our yachts offer a choice of six keel configurations. You can choose between twin keels or a single fin or lifting keel that best suits your style of cruising.

Every Sirius yacht is hand-built and customised for every owner. We have almost 50 years of experience building boats to draw on, whether you’d like a sauna, workshop, piano room or office we can tailor our boat to you. All Sirius yachts share common features to improve safety and make your time on board more comfortable, social and enjoyable.

Our stand-out feature is our raised deck saloon, from here you can relax in comfort, sheltered out of the elements when sailing, or able to appreciate your surrounding whatever the weather. We go sailing to see new places, and there’s no better area on board to do that, than from the saloon.

Although our boats are split level whether you’re in sitting in the cockpit or saloon you remain at the same level; those in the cockpit can see and talk to those in the saloon. We also have a navigation station which, when seated, you’re at the same level as those in the saloon and the cockpit. Those standing in the galley are at a lower level, but because they are standing, they share the same head height and eye-line as those seated. This all makes for a very social way of sailing, no one is hidden below, those in the galley get an excellent view when sailing and don’t feel left out.

All our yachts are available with four or more options (model dependent). We offer many different fin keels (varying in draught), hydrodynamically optimised twin-keels, or a fully ballasted lifting keel. Opting for the lifting keel does reduce the interior options available, but even so, every boat is customised to your wishes and we’ll help you make the best decisions.

Sirius 35 DS

Sirius 40 DS