Sirius 310 DS

Sirius 310 DS

She may only be 31ft or 9.30m but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your options, like all of our yachts the interior is custom built to your specifications

The Sirius 310 DS is currently not in production, and it is not sure if we will continue this model in the future.

In recent years most people interested in the 310 DS have fallen in love with the Sirius 35 DS and have ordered that model instead. Therefore it wasn’t feasible to continue this line. The Sirius 310 DS is a stunning yacht, and we hope that we can restart production again in a few years, but we do not have any concrete plans for this right now.

We recommend you look at our Sirius 35 DS. We are happy to help you to find one of our second hand yachts.

We offer our 310 DS in 14 standard layouts, all have a raised saloon, so whether you’re sat around the saloon table, cooking in the galley or working at the chart table you can see out of the large windows and be on the same eye-line as those in the deck saloon or the cockpit.

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is what to do with the space beneath the saloon, will you choose a second, spacious double cabin or dedicate the space to a technical area and a large heads compartment instead. After that, you can choose how the forward cabin will look. There is the option of a V-shaped, offset, island or staggered berths and then whether to go for a separate shower room.

Layout options

Click the buttons below to see the layouts that are currently available. Every Sirius yacht is custom built to the specific requirements of the owner, so that your ideas about the design and equipment can be fully incorporated. How would you design yours?

Sirius 310 DS - 4 berth - standard
Sirius 310 DS – 4 berth – standard
Sirius 310 DS - 4 berth - with shower
Sirius 310 DS – 4 berth – with shower
Sirius 310 DS - 4 berth - comfort
Sirius 310 DS – 4 berth – comfort
Sirius 310 DS - 4 berth - with staggered bunks
Sirius 310 DS – 4 berth – with staggered bunks
Sirius 310 DS - 4 berth - with navigation table
Sirius 310 DS – 4 berth – with navigation table
Sirius 310 DS layout - with technical room
Sirius 310 DS – 3 berth – with technical room
Sirius 310 DS layout - with library
Sirius 310 DS – 3 berth – with library
310 DS – 2 berth – standard
310 DS – 2 berth – comfort
310 DS – 2 berth – with shower
310 DS – 2 berth – with comfort shower
310 DS - 2 berth - with office
310 DS – 2 berth – with office
310 DS - 2 berth - with middle entry
310 DS – 2 berth – with middle entry
310 DS - 2 berth - with guest berth
310 DS – 2 berth – with guest berth
310 DS - 2 berth - with dog bunk
310 DS – 2 berth – with dog bunk
Sirius 310 DS

In recent years we have produced a variety of interesting lay-outs and equipment options. Many of these ideas have been adopted into the further development of our boats, or they have become available as interesting possibilities for others.

In our experience, every customer is someone special and has different demands regarding the sail configuration, draft, potential singlehanded sailing, family comfort, equipment and feeling for colours. As a result, no yacht that leaves our yard is exactly like any other one. You have the choice, according to your sailing area, between six different drafts, wheel or tiller steering, and different mast and sail configurations. You may also choose between many exciting and sometimes surprising interior versions, with a wide range of upholstery and floor designs.

No yacht that leaves our yard is exactly like any other one

Our concept is to use the greatest width of the boat twice, by using it at two levels, the higher level for the saloon and the lower for the main cabin or for a technical room. Headroom of more than 1.90 metres in the living areas, large bed sizes and massive storage areas create a roomy feeling that compares very easily to yachts six feet longer. The aft part of the boat is not laid out as a cabin, which is often limited in height by the cockpit and anyway can give sleepless nights when waves slap under the transom. Instead the stern is used as storage space.

The saloon, galley and navigation area are always similar, apart from the choice between the interior command position or separate chart table. However, we have two main design variants in the lower area. In the 4-berth versions, up to six crew members can be accommodated in three separate cabins, two on the double bed made by lowering the saloon table. The for 2 versions are designed primarily for two people, whose occasional guests can be accommodated in the saloon. This is a popular option for customers who are used to much larger boats, as it gives space for a luxuriously large forecabin and heads. It also creates a voluminous workroom for any special technology that is required, such as a swing keel, a generator, air conditioning…

Heavy installations such as the batteries, holding tank and hot water tank can be located centrally in the boat, and of course the technical room gives yet more very useable storage space.

Look inside

Click the pictures below for a 360-degree view of the interior of a Sirius 310 DS

4-berth version – owner’s cabin

4-berth comfort version – front cabin

Sirius 310 DS Brochure

We can send you our extensive brochure by post or you can download a pdf version which you can view on screen or print out yourself.

Technical data


  • LOA: 9.30 m
  • LWL: 8.55 m
  • Beam (Max): 3.38 m
  • Beam waterline: 3.00 m
  • Displacement: 6.3 t
  • Ballast: 2.4 t


  • Single fin: 1.80 m (Standard) 1.75 / 1.35 / 1.15 m (Optional)
  • Twin keel (optional): 1.25 m
  • Swing keel (optional): 0.75 – 2.00 m


  • Mainsail (standard): 26.3 m2
  • Self-tacking jib (standard): 16.7 m2
  • Genoa I: 34.2 m2
  • Genoa II: 27.0 m2
  • Furling Gennaker: 60.0 m2
  • Furling Drifter: 43.0 m2
  • A Performance Rig with up to 20% more sail area is possible.

Standard equipment

CE-registration: Category A, Ocean for world-wide travelling.

Hull and deck: Made in hand-laid GRP. The hull is an exceptionally strong one-piece moulding with vinyl ester gel coat and using resin, fibreglass mats and rovings, which are specially developed for boat building. Parts of the deck are built in sandwich-construction. The hull-deck connection and the bulkheads are laminated from all sides.

Underwater finish: Epoxy primer and antifouling, waterline and top stripes, in the colour of your choice.

Keel: Depending on the keel version up to 2,400 kg of cast steel and/or lead, and is glued and screwed to the hull with stainless steel bolts through flat-rolled steel. The forces are redistributed by massively laminated bottom floor sections. Other keel options are described below.

Want to know more? We will gladly answer any questions you might have about our yachts

Rudder: Pre-balanced rudder blade with half-skeg with tiller (wheel option).

Deck coating: Solid 10 mm teak deck for coamings and in the cockpit, fully vacuum bonded laid in a bed of Polyurethane.

Deck fittings: Complete guard rail, pulpit with step, stern pushpit, bathing platform with bathing ladder, 8 stanchions in stainless steel and 2 life lines, 4 mooring cleats and 2 spring cleats, strong solid wooden rubbing streaks. Bow fitting with anchor roller and anchor windlass in the anchor locker, 15 kg anchor with chain forerunner and rope. Three skylights (two at 50 cm x 50 cm, one at 33 cm x 33 cm), plexiglass sliding-hatch in the saloon, closable ventilator in the anchor locker, all deck saloon windows are made out of special hardened security glass, frameless glued, with solid internal aluminium frame (option: double-glazing). There is an opening window above the galley and optionally also for the seating area. Self-tacking jib system, genoa tracks. Halyards and trim lines are led back to the cockpit through halyard stoppers via a self-tailing winch and into a halyard box.

Cockpit: 3 cockpit drains, teak laid benches, coaming and cockpit floor, 2 cubby holes in the cockpit coaming, gas box (for two 5 kg cylinders), 2 big lockers with approximately 4,850 litres storage volume.

Galley: Two-burner half-gimballed gas stove with oven, 50-litre refrigerator with icebox, stainless steel double sink unit, pressurised water system, 5 drawers, 4 cupboards, waste box, deep bottom shelves with approximately 1,500 litres storage volume, with room for crates of big bottles.

Head: Large washbasin, manual sea toilet, waste water tank (from 70 litres upwards) with overboard-discharge and outlet for deck pump-out, large mirror and cupboard, window and a large hatch. There are three separate, optional, shower cabin designs.

Water system: pressure system, water tank from 170 litres upwards with tank display and filter.

Sirius 310 DS tech area

Engine: Volvo-Diesel D1-30, 21 kW (29 HP) with saildrive, folding propeller and freshwater-seawater cooling system, hot water heating, seawater and diesel filters, 14 V, 115 A generator, tacho, single lever engine throttle; diesel tank from 100 litres upwards with tank display.

Electrical equipment: Control-centre in the navigation corner with main switches and fuse box, compass; LED position lights, complete navigation lights with deck light, 2 lamps for each double berth, one ceiling lamp in each room, 1 lamp in the galley and engine room. One starter battery (70 Ah) and one domestic battery (100Ah) on a separate electrical circuit.

Upholstery: 10 cm foam material with high-quality fabric covers, ergonomically shaped.

Rig: 2-spreader rig with forestay, backstay, 2 top shrouds, 2 middle shrouds, 2 lower shrouds, 1 main halyard, 1 jib halyard, 1 reserve halyard on the mast; main boom with 2 in-boom single line reefing-systems, rod kicking strap; all active used halyards and trim lines are led back to the cockpit. Mast and boom are made out of aluminium.

1 set of sails: Including 16,7 m² self-tacking jib, main sail 26,3 m² with 2 reefing lines, plastic battens, sail emblem and sail bag. Jib sheet and main sheet included.

Each boat is made individually to the specification requested by the owner. Please refer to the above described standard list and the current price list for more details or ask us directly. We reserve the right to change the construction and the standard equipment.

Sirius 310 DS Brochure

We can send you our extensive brochure by post or you can download a pdf version which you can view on screen or print out yourself.