A boat with a view

Would you expect a waterside holiday home to have windows so small you can’t see out of them? No, neither would we. This is why, on a Sirius, you’ll find large windows looking out in every direction. No matter which way your boat is facing you can sit in the saloon and look out over the bay, harbour or anchorage that you have sailed to.

But it’s not only in harbour when these windows excel. At sea too, you can be preparing or cooking food in the long galley looking out over the sea, not missing the coastline, seascape or nature as you sail on by.

Likewise, if the weather is inclement, there’s no need to be outside in it, you can stand (or rather sit) your watch out at the navigation station. You have the instrumentation, a panoramic view out and control of the autopilot, or even a wheel if you wanted one.

If you’ve never sailed on board one of our deck saloon yachts, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Literally.