What you need to know about the prices of Sirius Yachts

We often get asked on social media how much our boats cost, but we don’t post the answers. Instead, we invite you to contact us. This might seem obtuse but we have nothing to hide, we just don’t feel that the comments sections on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the right places to share that information.

Why not? Above all, it’s out of respect for our customers. Would you want everyone on social media to see exactly how much you paid for your yacht? Neither would we.

Sirius 40 DS
Would you like everyone on social media to know exactly how much you paid for your boat? No, we didn’t think you would

All the boats you see on our social media channels were custom-built for their owners. We don’t hold stock boats, every Sirius is made for someone, to their exacting and individual requirements. So which price should we quote in reply to a comment? The total cost of that boat, knowing the owner might have added tens of thousands of euros, pounds or dollars of equipment and customisations, or a base price which could lead people to believe everything they see is included?

We tailor-make our sailboats. If we give a base price for a specific boat and the owner wants to sell her in the future, a potential buyer might look at that base price and not see the many thousands of euros/dollars/pounds worth of extras that have been added. The buyer is then likely to compare that boat’s asking price with the base price of a new one, without factoring in all the equipment and extras that make up a significant part of her true value. They could form the mistaken impression that the asking price is too high. We don’t feel that’s fair.

Another reason we don’t give prices in comments on social media or include them in our videos is to ensure accuracy over time. Prices change, material and equipment costs fluctuate but a comment will stay on social media indefinitely unless it’s deleted, and we’re keen to avoid misleading people with out-of-date pricing information. Instead, we publish the current base prices for each of our models on this web page, which is updated annually to ensure that it’s always accurate. We are proud that no two Sirius yachts are alike, and as such the total cost of each yacht will always be different. If you want a full price list, please contact us.

Unlike most other boat manufacturers our base prices are accurate and inclusive. You won’t need to add an extra 25-50% on top of the base price just to get your yacht equipped to go sailing. Even our smallest model, the 310 DS, comes with Flexiteek decking on the cockpit sole, coamings and swim platform, a mainsail, a self-tacking jib on a Furlex roller furler, an anchor windlass and anchor equipment, shore power and charger, refrigerator, pressurised water system and antifoul as standard.

On our Sirius 40 DS the specification includes wind, speed and depth instruments, twin heads compartments, a technical room and a cockpit table. Many high-cost items that other manufacturers consider to be ‘extras’, we regard as standard like heating, an anchor windlass and a Flexiteek deck. We give you 360-degree views and the option to customise any part of the yacht – which many manufacturers don’t.

As you can see, we go to great lengths to explain our yachts and what our standard price includes. It’s not something that can be quickly explained in a few lines of a reply on Facebook – instead, we’re explaining it fully with this in-depth article.

Sirius 310 DS
Which price would you prefer to see? The base price or the price of the yacht in the photographs?

The Sirius yachts you see in photos and videos have a wide variety of extras specified by their owners. The equipment that suits one owner may be superfluous to another. We can’t know how much your boat would cost unless you get in touch to discuss the options you do want, the ones you might want, and the ones you’ll never need. We go through this process with everyone who buys one of our yachts and can often steer people towards more cost-effective options than they would have chosen initially. When we know exactly what you want, then we can give you an accurate price for a boat that is ideal for you. If you send us an email, saying what you would like to do with the boat and the area you want to sail, we can give an estimate for a typically equipped yacht.

We know our boats will, at first glance, seem expensive when compared to a typical mass-production yacht, but that’s like saying a hand-tailored suit is expensive compared to an off-the-rail suit. Like a tailored suit we make each yacht to fit her owner, we use the finest materials and the boat is made by highly skilled, meticulous and experienced craftsmen. It isn’t just assembled.

Yes, a Sirius yacht costs a lot of money, but does that mean it’s expensive? Expensive implies ‘overpriced’ and when you see the materials, craftsmanship and personalisation that goes into every Sirius, we’re sure you will agree that they offer good value. We work without dealers, do not have a vast advertising spend, and keep overheads as low as possible, this helps you get more in the way of materials and craftsmanship because our overheads are lower.

When comparing Sirius yachts to other boats, keep in mind that while ours are relatively small in terms of overall length, we build them with accommodation on two levels and every square inch is carefully configured as either useful living space or practical stowage, so there’s 25-30% more interior that needs to be crafted and that adds to the cost. Remember, interior space that’s unusable is wasted and empty air costs nothing. We build our boats extra strong, using more – and better – raw materials. We often fit twin keels, usually two headsails and always top-quality equipment throughout, all of which increases the price. It’s hardly a surprise if they cost a bit more.

Sirius 40 DS interior
We don’t offer open-plan living, we offer a practical arrangement with lots of useful, comfortable areas on board

Like most top-quality things that are built to last a lifetime, our sailboats retain their value. The demand for used Sirius yachts always outstrips the supply. Sirius owners tend to keep their boats for a long time, so you’re likely to find very few of them on the secondhand market at any given time.

If you haven’t seen our factory yet, watch the video on our Hand-Built page to appreciate the level of workmanship that goes into our yachts.

With all that explained, here are the 2024 prices. You can see the full technical specification on each yacht’s page. Contact us for a comprehensive price list.

Sirius 310 DS
Temporarily not in production (until at least 2027)

Sirius 35 DS
€580,720 Inc 19% VAT for yachts berthed in Germany
€488,000 Ex VAT

Sirius 40 DS
€850,850 Inc 19% VAT for yachts berthed in Germany
€715,000 Ex VAT

Please note, that there will be new prices binding latest from each January 1st for Yachts delivered in the year described above. Should you not find them updated, please send us a request.