Is your sailing uncomfortable?

If you find sailing uncomfortable it’s not the sailing that is the problem, it’s the boat. At Sirius we believe you should always be comfortable on board your boat and there are many ways we achieve this.

Firstly, who could miss our raised deck saloon, even in the depths of winter and a howling gale you can stand watch from inside, keeping dry and warm. The large windows and 360° panoramic view make this a lovely, sheltered and snug place to relax and watch the world pass you by.

When you’re in the cockpit we use a comfortable contoured seat design and rounded backrests. We offer a canting wheel so you don’t have to squeeze past a large wheel and can still sit in the most comfortable position on each tack. If the weather is nice, the pushpit seats are both enjoyable and give a wonderfully secure feeling.

Our hulls are designed with a narrow waterline and narrower stern this gives a more symmetrical waterline as the yacht heels, so she is well mannered on the water. We don’t need a wide-hulled design as our yachts are on two levels at the widest part of the hull. At the bows, the forefoot is deep so there is less chance of the yacht slamming into waves. Our yachts are heavy displacement and substantially well-built; the hull on our 40 DS is 70mm thick in places – our yachts are built to cruise Sweden and Norway where there are many submerged rocks, we don’t like them to interfere with an owner’s cruise.

Then there is actual comfort, we use 10cm/5in thick foam contoured seat cushions and backrests and offer full sprung mattresses on all the double berths. Speaking of berths, no onboard berth feels like a compromise, all are at least 2.0m/6ft 6in and a width suitable for two fully-grown adults.

There’s no one solution to comfort, but if you have any suggestions all our interiors are custom-built by hand, for you.